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By: Kaitlyn Kuehn, The Villages Grown | Jul 21, 2023

The Power of Veggies

These diverse and nutrient dense plants contain an array of health benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. Veggies are good for creating diversity, maintaining digestive health, absorbing nutrients, weight management, and disease prevention. Let’s further explore in detail the top five reasons why you should eat that broccoli.

Diversity and Hydration
Firstly, vegetables provide a diverse assortment of colors as well as hydration. You’ve heard of eating the rainbow, right? So, make sure you have different colors on your plate to get all your nutrients. Veggies have high-water content, which makes them the perfect candidate for staying hydrated throughout the day. Proper water intake is essential for numerous bodily functions, including temperature regulation, joint lubrication, transport of nutrients, and maintaining energy. Another thing that some cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens add is compounds that promote the body’s natural detoxification process. They help eliminate toxins and support liver function by keeping the body clean and healthy.

Digestive Health
Secondly, vegetables rich in fiber play a vital role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Fiber adds bulk to your stool and helps prevent constipation. Paired with water, it acts as the perfect formula for promoting regular bowel movements. Fiber also acts as a prebiotic that feeds your beneficial gut bacteria, contributing to a healthy gut microbiome. Doctors recommend having 25 to 35 grams of fiber every day — shoot for 10 grams in each meal. Some items high in fiber include beans, squash, peas, parsnips, avocados, broccoli, mushrooms and, of course, the famous prunes.

Absorbing Nutrients
Additionally, vegetables are naturally rich in essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The nutritional value of veggies we eat is directly linked to the nutrients they grow in. Nutrient availability is enhanced in healthy substrate-providing plants with essential macronutrients and micronutrients. The organic matter content in soil positively affects flavor, texture and nutritional properties of vegetables. Hydroponic systems also are beneficial in capturing nutrients because the water is monitored and adjusted to perfectly maintain the health of the desired crop. Frozen vegetables keep a nutritious profile if you can’t get fresh produce locally. Our retail store at Sawgrass Grove can provide local and fresh crops for you. Plant nutrients support immune function, eye health, and heart health. Eating veggies can help prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Weight Management
Also, if you’re aiming to maintain a healthy weight, vegetables can be your best friend. Veggies are naturally low in calories, high in fiber, and even contain some protein. Eating whole foods promotes satiety, helping you feel full for longer and reduces the chances of overeating. Another thing vegetables aid in is accomplishing better sleep and more energy by providing essential nutrients. Broccoli and other leafy greens are rich in magnesium and promote relaxation and quality sleep. B vitamins found in avocados and bell peppers support energy production and metabolism. Incorporating a variety of vegetables into each meal can be an effective strategy for weight management.

Disease Prevention
Lastly, a diet rich in vegetables has been linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases. Research has shown that regular vegetables consumption can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some cancers. The antioxidants found in veggies can play a crucial role in regulating harmful free radicals in the body that can contribute to cellular damage and the development of diseases. If you want to be serious about your health, make sure you check out The Villages Grown “Feature of the Month” at Sawgrass Grove.
Incorporating vegetables into your diet is not just for dietary purposes; it’s a way to embrace a healthy and more vibrant lifestyle. Including veggies in your daily routine promotes diversity, digestive health, nutrients, weight management and disease prevention. By making vegetables a focal point for your meals, you are nourishing your body with the essential building blocks it needs to thrive. So, let your plate be a canvas of colors and flavors, and reap the numerous benefits that vegetables have to offer. We have endless fresh, local options at Sawgrass Grove for you to choose from. If you want further readings on health and wellness, read our last month’s article, “Try New Fruits: An Adventure Worth Peeling.”