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The Farm

A hub of freshness

Located in the heart of our community, this innovative growing complex encompasses controlled-environment agriculture greenhouses, a processing facility and delivery fleet. Serving as the hub, this complex ensures the quality, safety, and timely delivery of nutrient-dense produce grown in our greenhouses and on our partner farms.

Our Greenhouses

Healthy plants. Healthy people.

The Villages Grown farm sits right in The Villages’ own backyard and is home to cutting-edge greenhouses that employ advanced hydroponic and aeroponic technologies to grow a variety of produce. Our innovative growing techniques and standards are designed to enhance phytochemicals, nutrients and vitamins for optimal plant health… when plants are healthier, they can make people healthier.

Farm Network

Mutually beneficial

Supporting local farms that share the same passion and standards is important to our food system and by partnering with family farms and artisans in our region, we can offer more variety of just-picked produce and help residents get to know exactly where their food comes from and who grows it. It’s all part of helping the community reconnect with their food.


Food Safety

Above & beyond

We never settle, especially when it comes to food safety. Our facility, as well as our stores, take extra steps to ensure your food is handled with the utmost care and consideration by employing standards that limit contamination and eliminate chemicals to deliver clean produce, the way nature intended.


Preserving what's precious

Our sustainable and innovative practices ensure we consistently deliver the best products while taking great care to preserve natural resources for future generations. Our greenhouses are pesticide-free, utilize less land, and employ various resource-monitoring systems and processes. A reduced carbon footprint is the result of this hyper-local approach.

Growing Team

Passionate & focused

The Villages Grown team brings extensive experience from the fields of agriculture and wellness. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the team finds common ground in the importance of local, sustainable food systems and their impact on the well-being of people and communities.

Jennifer Waxman

Jennifer Waxman

Executive Director

Jennifer Waxman is Florida native and Local Food System expert and  speaker who comes to The Villages Grown with a diverse background in sustainable agriculture (mainly Controlled Environment Agriculture), local food systems, natural wellness and vertically-integrated business strategy. Ms. Waxman is responsible for Strategy, New Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Education, and Programming. She has been a strategic business planner for over 17 years and is the Founder of Sustainable Synergy, Inc. and Seed-2-Source, Corp. Her focus is creating a truly sustainable and synergistic Local Food System in The Villages with an emphasis on bridging agriculture with optimal wellness.
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Adam Wright

Adam Wright

Director of Operations

Adam Wright is a Florida native with a background in industrial design and construction. He began early as an understudy for acclaimed industrial designer Greg Arnette, Oakley’s Eyewear co-founder/Arnette Eyewear founder. After graduating, he began an industrial design career in Italy where he was exposed to, and fell in love with, Slow-Food Agriturismos (livable farm-to-table cultures). Upon his return, he joined Seed2Source and began making an impact on the local and national food system. Through events, community outreach projects, consulting local farmers, municipalities, Foundations, and markets; these experiences shape The Villages Grown’s highly progressive food system model.
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Dr. Bill Huggins, DSc, ND, HMD

Dr. Bill Huggins, DSc, ND, HMD

Director of Production & Wellness

Inspired by the dream of The Villages Grown and the opportunity to help support residents’ road to healthy lifestyles, Dr. Bill Huggins came out of retirement to help bring The Villages Grown to life. “Doc,” as he's referred to on the farm, came to The Villages Grown with over 40 years of experience in research and development of hydroponic growing methodologies, as well as pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and herbal and nutraceutical formulations. His knowledge and expertise was crucial to The Villages Grown sprouting to life. It was with great sadness that we laid Doc to rest in April of 2020. Whether he was speaking about his passion of food-as-medicine, or just having a friendly chit-chat, everyone felt the warmth and wisdom that emanated from Dr. Huggins. He was our mentor and our friend, and while we will miss him greatly, we see his spirit everyday growing in the greenhouses, and in the look on someone’s face after tasting their first Microgreens. Rest in peace, Doc.
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