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By: Rebecca Reis Miller, The Villages Grown | Mar 20, 2024

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air!  The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and our bodies are getting much needed sunlight.  This shift in seasons provide many of us a surge of energy and motivation to spruce up our surroundings and rejuvenate our bodies. While spring cleaning often involves cleaning, decluttering and the organization of our living spaces, by integrating whole, healthy food into this seasonal ritual you can help to promote an overall sound mind, body and spirit.  

Spring cleaning brings about a renewal of our environments and lifestyles.   Just as we clear away the dust and dirt from the neglected corners of our homes, we can also clean up the unhealthy eating habits and improve our diets.  Incorporating health foods and proper nutrition into our spring-cleaning regimen allows for us to take a holistic approach to wellness, addressing our physical spaces and our bodies.  

Like clearing out the dust and clutter from your home, decluttering your diet involves removing all the unhealthy items that have made their way into your refrigerator and pantry to make way for more nutritious foods and beverages.  Dispose of all items that are expired or stale, and consider donating goods to nearby food pantries.  Assess your remaining food items and make fresh foods a priority such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins like chicken breast, Greek Yogurt, and whole grains.  Restock your kitchen with whole foods such as microgreens, fresh herbs and other freshly harvested vegetables and fruits that are packed with vital nutrients.  This reset and restock will set the stage for healthier eating habits.  

Spring is an incredible time in Florida to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into your diet.  In March, Florida growers are offering broccoli, cauliflower, celery, potatoes, citrus like grapefruit, tangerines and oranges, sweet peppers and more.  Florida also boasts berries throughout the spring including strawberries and blueberries which are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  These foods help cleanse your body from the inside out, supporting detoxification processes and promoting overall wellness.   Fresh From Florida, the state’s agricultural marketing arm hosts a website ( offering a plethora of information on seasonality of fresh fruits and vegetables and incredible recipes that incorporate these fresh ingredients.  

Cleaning up your diet during spring cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or restrictive in any way.  Try new recipes that highlight seasonal ingredients and new flavors.  Incorporate strawberries into your spinach salad; add fresh detoxifying herbs like parsley and cilantro into your salad mix; or add fresh Florida sweet peppers into a stir fry or grain bowl.  Variety is the spice of life, and adding more color to your meals will diversify the nutrients your body needs.  

As temperatures continue to rise this spring, remaining hydrated becomes even more important.  Swap our sugary sodas and artificially flavored drinks for refreshing beverages such as kombucha, fruit infused waters, herbal teas and incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into homemade smoothies.  Herbs such as mint and basil are incredible enhancements to your water. If you prefer something a bit sweeter and tart, try enhancing your water with some fresh seasonal citrus like tangerine or orange to encourage you to drink more throughout each day.  

Spring cleaning is not just about tidying up, use the season as an opportunity to renew your living spaces and your body.  Taking the time to clean up your refrigerators and pantries to remove unhealthy foods and replace with fresh, local ingredients will set you on the right path for better health.  So, as you tackle your spring cleaning this year, remember to feed your body with wholesome foods that support your overall well-being.  

There are some incredible resources right here in your own community that will support you as you clean up your diet this spring.  If you are looking for guidance from a registered dietician, The Villages Health has teamed up with The Villages Grown to offer a Shop with a Registered Dietitian event each month at Sawgrass Grove. The next class is March 20 and participants can register at  If you are looking for more inspiration in the kitchen, Chef Scott Copeland of the Show Kitchen offers weekly classes to build your confidence in cooking through a variety of themes.  To register for classes, visit:  The Villages Grown offers freshly harvest microgreens, herbs and greens out of its 7 acre greenhouses to the community through its store at Sawgrass Grove, Brownwood Farmers Market, Mercado at Spanish Springs, Publix and Winn Dixie locations throughout The Villages, and Kroger home delivery.