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By: The Villages | Sep 15, 2022

Partnering with Local Artisans

At The Villages Grown we have partnered with local artisans to provide The Villages and the surrounding areas with the best local, healthy produce and natural products.

Heirloom by Puff ‘N Stuff Catering

This is a chef-prepared meal delivery service. Together we provide true farm-to-table meals, delivered free to your home or office.

These meals include our hydroponically-grown lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and microgreens.
This allows us to continue our mission of providing nutrient-dense meals for our active and health-conscious communities.

By using seasonal, freshly-picked ingredients in their recipes, Heirloom can, according to its website, introduce small sustainable habits that are good for you and the planet.

Aha Pure Foods

The plant-based soup brand’s began when Wayne Garland was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He went to Asia to try and heal himself naturally, according to the aha Pure Foods website. While traveling in Asia, Wayne adopted a saying from Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

After decades of naturopathic research, Wayne got together with chef Alfie Crescentini and created aha Pure Foods. The brand’s soups, according to the website, are filled with vital nutrients.

New Moon Market

Owners Jennifer and Huggy work to create products that include organic, cold-pressed juices, salads and soups.

New Moon Market has a special cold-pressed process that it uses on organic produce to draw out the highest quantity of juice and nutrients, according to its website.

In our Grab and Go section we offer their salads, such as the chickpea salad, health nut bowl, Florida-style cobb, Latin rice bowl, Moroccan spiced couscous — or try ‘The Most Beautiful Salad,’ featuring Villages Grown lettuce, tomatoes, microgreens and cucumbers.

Poca’s Hottest

Owner Wendy Davis uses fresh, local ingredients to create sauces without artificial preservatives. The sauces, according to the website, are inspired by local bands and artists.

Poca’s Hottest wants to give those local creators special merchandise and marketing tools, as well as to use events and fundraising to raise up a strong and healthy community.

Wendy’s sauces and organics line are made with healthy ingredients such as turmeric, cumin, hibiscus and hemp. Poca’s creations are also fueled by The Villages Grown’s products.

Farm Boy Produce

A local artisan that is very popular with the Kombucha-loving crowd. Without the use of GMOs or preservatives, their product is not pasteurized, which ensures all the beneficial bacteria are preserved. Kombucha is fermented tea that contains probiotic, or healthy, bacteria, which are known to boost health. Proponents of kombucha say it can confer benefits such as helping with digestion.

The Villages Grown and its carefully chosen artisans share a mutual goal, and that is to bring the community together in order to create a healthy local food system.

Billie Weiss is a retail sales associate at The Villages Grown retail store.