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By: The Villages Grown | Jul 03, 2020

What is Produce Seasonality?

Most of the produce sourced from our Local Farm Network is currently grown in the great outdoors, which means the crops are subjected to produce seasonality and the effects of weather and pests.

While we know what time of the year specific produce will grow best in the Sunshine State, we can’t always guess what Mother Nature has in store. So in turn, Mother Nature also plays a part in what will be on the shelves in our markets. The health of our local farmers’ crops is dependent on good weather.

So be sure to wish for sunny days and do a rain dance or two– but don’t worry, we promise to try and schedule the rain around the entertainment on the squares and your tee times!

No matter the season, you’ll be sure to find an ever-changing array of just-picked, local produce and artisanal goods in our markets. It’s best to check in to one of our markets, or look at our online store a couple of times a week to see what we’ve got growing on. There’s new options and specials added every day!