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By: The Villages Grown | Jul 03, 2020

The Villages Grown Local Farm & Artisan Network

Lettuce introduce you to our Local Farm & Artisan Network— the farmers and artisans that keep The Villages Grown growing.

In order to keep with our belief of a hyper local food system, The Villages Grown teams up with local family farmers and artisans within 150 miles to bring a variety of produce and goods from your own backyard. This helps bring our community together with a common cause—quality, nutritious food from sustainable sources for residents. 

From just-picked fruits and veggies, to local eggs, spreads, breads, beverages, and more, including vegan, sugar-free, preservative-free and gluten-free options, you can find some of the tastiest, one-of-a-kind options made right here in our community.

The Villages Grown promotes a healthy lifestyle for residents and our community by emphasizing a nutritious, plant-forward diet, as well as taking extra steps to care for the environment, and supporting the local economy. All of the products found in our stores are sustainably grown or made from a local farm or artisan in Central Florida. 

Along with adhering to the same food safety and sustainability values as The Villages Grown, the multi-generation, family-owned farms and artisans we have teamed up with ensure their product is also harvested and to our stores within a 24-hour timeframe. So no matter no if your produce is picked from The Villages Grown farm or sourced from one of our local farmers or artisans, you’ll know everything in our markets is nutritious and delicious!

We’re always adding to our Local Farm & Artisan Network, so you can usually expect to find something fresh and new waiting for you whenever you visit us.