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The Mobile Airstream Market is cruising the neighborhood loaded up with just-picked fruits and veggies, and local artisan goods. While we’re navigating the roads ahead, we’ve taken extra precautions on the farm and in our markets, to bring nutritious produce and culinary staples to our community while maintaining the highest level of safety for our food and customers.

Beginning February 15th, the Mobile Market will be taking a short break to get tuned up, but be sure to check back on this page to stay up-to-date on when it will be back on the road!

Find the daily times and locations of the Mobile Market and all the new ways to find The Villages Grown products below!

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In order to practice social distancing and limit product handling, for the time being the Mobile Market will not be allowing shoppers in the store, however guests can still come to the store and order the items they would like from one of our team members; or customers can choose to order online and pickup at the daily location. A gloved, food safety certified, team member of The Villages Grown team will pick out and bag up all orders to keep everyone safe and healthy.There are several ways to shop The Villages Grown:

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Order Pre-packaged, Local Grocery Bags Online


Order the Pre-packaged Local Produce & Essentials Bags online or in person and pickup from either of our stores.

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Brownwood Market Online Ordering & In-Store Pickup


Select the specific items you wish to purchase on the online ordering system and pickup at the Brownwood Market location.

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In-Person Ordering


Visit our Brownwood Market or Mobile Market and order the specific items you would like from one of our team members who will pick them out and bag them up!

Please note: Local Grocery Pickup Packages are available at all locations listed, however specific item online orders will only be available for pickup at the Brownwood Market.

For any questions, please call: 352-775-7866

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6/7/21 – 6/13/21

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